I hope this post finds everyone well into the school routines, including awakening those adolescents and early teens before 8:00.  The year has gotten off to  a fabulous start and we are looking forward to our annual Meet the Teacher Barbeque being held tonight from 5:30 to 7:15.  It will begin with hotdogs, chips and water being served from 5:30 to 6:20 followed by two 15 minute sessions in classrooms where teachers will share with you information about their program.  The intent of the evening is for a quick hello, so if you have other concerns or individual questions about your children please make arrangements for another meeting with their teachers.  

In addition tonight you will be able to view first hand some of the wonderful technology happenings from Harrow Senior.  Stop by the library to view our live Twitter feed from the school and from Ms. Mactavish’s grade 3 classroom, in addition to see our blog and just how easy it is to view the newsletters from these wonderful sites.   In addition parents I invite you to sign up for a 21st Century Technology Night being hosted at Harrow Senior to help you with these wonderful tools that are being used to share the wonderful things happening at Harrow Senior.  The evening will take place on Thursday, October 6th from 6:00 to 7:15 in the school library.  Hope to see you there.

Looking forward to meeting many of you this evening!  See you then.


I am sending home today a form with information about our Meet the Teacher Barbeque.  I look forward to seeing all those families who are available to join us for this casual evening of conversation.  The event will take place on Thursday, October 22nd from 5:30 to 7:15.  The barbeque will be from 5:30 to 6:30 with two 15 minute  informal sessions to follow in each class.  If you do not receive a copy of this form you can download it from the widget on the side panel of this blog.  Please return the bottom portion of the memo in order to help us plan for the evening.  Looking forward to seeing all of you next Thursday.

Great learning continues to happen in all of our classrooms.  Just yesterday grade 7P were working in small groups to creat survival journals, just in case they ever get stranded in the woods,  in Language Arts as part of an activity associated with the reading of Gary Paulson’s classic survival novel called Hatchet.  In grade 8S students were developing their non-verbal communication skills in drama class by sharing with one another greetings from another planet.   It was very nice to see these students engaged in such great activities.

Continue to check up on our school blog as I hope to post at least every other day.  My long term goal is to be able to use this tool as a replacement for our monthly newsletter in order for us to be able to celebrate all the wonderful events on a daily basis rather than at the end of the month.  I am also planning a Parent Technology night early in October to introduce parents to this tool and to our school Twitter feed so that more families can keep up to date of the daily happenings. 

Additional pictures have also been added to the flikr feed in the sidebar of this blog.  Have a fabulous Tuesday evening!

We have made it through the first week and everything seems to have gone smoothly.  I sent home the first newsletter yesterday with the youngest or only children of each of our families.  I also sent home a copy of the Student Handbook today. If you did not receive a copy you can view both documents by clicking on them in the Shared Files Widget located in the sidebar to the right of this blog.  Also new to this blog is my Flickr feed of photos taken during the first week.  More photos will be uploaded this weekend. 

I hope all of you are able to attend our Meet The Teacher Barbeque on Thursday, September 22nd.   A form will be going home on Monday for you to place your order to help us plan for the event.  Remember to get those milk forms in to the office before September 14th to ensure delivery starting on our first day which will be Monday, September 19th.  

Hope everyone has a restful weekend, I know I will.  Come back next week to see what is happening at Harrow Senior.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Another successful day at Harrow Senior despite the indoor recesses.  Parents get ready for your children full of  energy when they get home tonight.  I began my roaming office this morning and spent the morning working in the hall of the grade 3,4,5 classes.  This is a great way for me to know what is happening in the classrooms and great way to make connections with student learning.  I was also pleased with how each student who came out of their classroom said hello to me in such a positive manner.  With wireless technology I am able to complete work from all around the school.  This morning I worked on the school newsletter and calendar to be sent home tomorrow.  In my travels today again I saw some great learning going on.  The theme in most math classes today seemed to be input/output machines in which students were working with each other to solve problems.   I saw several different activities using this strategy in 6P, 5Sm, and 5St.   In Mrs. Stomp’s grade 5  class the students sorted through their classroom library books, by author name decided on by the students.  The students enjoyed this activity and worked together to further personalize their classroom.  In 3M students were practicing the Read to Self strategy from the Daily Five.   Already today they were able to engage in this activity for 15 consecutive minutes, which is a great accomplishment for our youngest learners.  Thank you to staff and students for a great start to our year at Harrow Senior.

As I sit in my office typing this post it is great to see Austin S.(2011), Sandra S.(2011) and Samantha G.(2010) come back to visit us on only the second day of school.  They tell me high school is so much better but obviously they miss us here at Harrow Senior or they would not have come back so quickly.  Great to see these students and talk about their high school experiences, both days.

Come back tomorrow to see what is happening at Harrow Senior.

It is officially over, the first day with students is over without a hitch.  In my travels around the classes today, I saw some excellent community building activities taking place.  It was a pleasure to visit in every class today for a short time.  In Mrs. Currie’s grade 4 class students used a Pen Pal Energizer from the Tribes program to share with classmates what they did this summer.  One student kayaked to Peach Island and Crystal Bay.  In Mrs. Smith’s grade 5 class students had to solve a word puzzle to find out what their class motto was for the year. After some great cooperation the students discovered the secret motto which reads “Everyone shines in a different way.”  In Mr. Stewart’s Geography class with 8K students they shared school pet peeves with one another to generate expectations as students.  Identity Day where a principal from Alberta shares his school story about their Identity Day.

Well it is time for me to go home and listen to my daughters story of  their first day, that they did nothing.  My hope is this blog will help parents initiate conversations about your child’s school day at Harrow Senior.  Responses to the posts are always welcome.  Check back  tomorrow for more exciting happenings at Harrow Senior.

Welcome Back!

I would like to take this opopportunity to welcome all of our new families and staff to the Harrow Senior Learning Community.  I am looking forward to another fabulous year.  I would like to thank personally the custodial staff for the wonderful job they have done to prepare the school for all of our learners.  The halls and classrooms are sparkling.  Please thank these wonderful people for their efforts the first time you see them around the school.   In addition the teaching staff have also worked very hard over the past couple of weeks preparing their classrooms and learning new strategies, by attending our annual Vision to Practice Workshops and through our Professional Development session last week.

I will be using this blog to post the daily happenings in and around the school.  Feel free to leave a comment at any time.  For the first week any parents leaving a message will qualify for a draw to be held on Monday, September 12th.    

Visit this link to see a quick 35 second Google Search Story I created for the first day at Harrow Senior.   First Day at Harrow Senior

With the good weather on Thursday the grade 3’s took to the front flower beds to plant the many bulbs purchased for the school by the School Council from our Spring Fundraiser.  The Grade 3 students who are currently studying plants in science were learning hands on what it takes to care for plants.  They were busy pulling weeds, digging holes and planting the hostas, lilies and other summer flowers hoping for some spring weather to help  them along.  Here are some pictures of the students  hard at work to make the front of Harrow Senior a little more colourful.  Thank you grade 3’s for your wonderful work:)