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Wow!  Did you see the article written in the Harrow News about our special day?  It was a great day at Harrow Senior just as it was explained in the full-page article.  Staff and students participated by creating a visual presentation about something they are passionate about to share with others.  The presentations included topics such as favourite sports, special collections or items that were special to the individual such as family and friends.  In talking to the students I heard such things as ” I liked Identity Day because I learned new things about my friends, it was fun to complete my project and that it was great getting to know about everyone in the school.  The goal of the day was to create a sense of community within our building and based on the conversations I heard we were successful.  Check out some of the wonderful projects highlighted in our school Flickr account found in the side bar of this blog.  Please feel free to comment about this specail day.


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