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We have made it though a very wet September at Harrow Senior.  My only hope is with the change of the month that the weather may also change and let us experience some decent Fall weather.  We will have to wait and see.  The October Newsletter will be out next week on Monday or Tuesday.  If you do not receive your newsletter please let me know as I will be using my new mailing lists.  With so many of you choosing to receive your newsletter online there is sure to be a few mistakes, this first month.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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Today we celebrated the end of September with a new twist.  This year at our assemblies we are hoping to generate a greater sense of community by celebrating the successes of a greater number of people.  Our intention is to still focus on several key character traits but our celebration will be in the form of a video put together by students recognizing may students in each and every classroom.  We will still recognize all our sports teams and clubs at these assemblies but we will also highlight the wonderful things going on in all of our classrooms.  I encourage parents to come out to these celebrations to see the many happenings at Harrow Senior.  Our next celebration will be Monday, October 31st at 9:45 in the school gym.  See you there!

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Wow!  Where has the time gone.  With the end of the first month comes some traditional events.  The first of these events will occur on Tuesday at 6:30 when we hold our first parent council meeting of the year.  At this meeting we will vote to determine the make up of our council, including electing a new chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary and many committee positions.  Please come out to learn about what this great group of parents do for our learnign community.

Another event this week will be our first End of the Month Assembly, on Friday, September 30th at 9:00.  The format this year will be slightly different as we attempt to celebrate the masses rather than just a select few from each class.  Our hope is to create a larger sense of community from all of our students and staff through this format.  Although this first month will be a trial run we hope to set the stage for many more great End of the Month Celebrations in the months to come.  My hope is that this event will be taken over by the students to provide a variety of leadership opportunities for everyone.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we establish this new format.  My hope is by the new year these celebrations will be an event that no one will want to miss!  See you there.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families that were able to make it out to this annual event this year.  I hope everyone got their share of hotdogs and treats but more importantly got a chance to communicate with the Harrow Senior Learning Community.  In meeting with your childs teacher I hope this initial conversation can lead to a full year of communication to ensure the success of all our learners.  In the side bar to right are some of the photos taken from the evening for all to enjoy.

If this is your first time to the blog I welcome you and encourage you seek three other members from our learning community to visit to keep up to date on things happening in and around the school.

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I hope this post finds everyone well into the school routines, including awakening those adolescents and early teens before 8:00.  The year has gotten off to  a fabulous start and we are looking forward to our annual Meet the Teacher Barbeque being held tonight from 5:30 to 7:15.  It will begin with hotdogs, chips and water being served from 5:30 to 6:20 followed by two 15 minute sessions in classrooms where teachers will share with you information about their program.  The intent of the evening is for a quick hello, so if you have other concerns or individual questions about your children please make arrangements for another meeting with their teachers.  

In addition tonight you will be able to view first hand some of the wonderful technology happenings from Harrow Senior.  Stop by the library to view our live Twitter feed from the school and from Ms. Mactavish’s grade 3 classroom, in addition to see our blog and just how easy it is to view the newsletters from these wonderful sites.   In addition parents I invite you to sign up for a 21st Century Technology Night being hosted at Harrow Senior to help you with these wonderful tools that are being used to share the wonderful things happening at Harrow Senior.  The evening will take place on Thursday, October 6th from 6:00 to 7:15 in the school library.  Hope to see you there.

Looking forward to meeting many of you this evening!  See you then.

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Meet The Teacher Barbeque

I am sending home today a form with information about our Meet the Teacher Barbeque.  I look forward to seeing all those families who are available to join us for this casual evening of conversation.  The event will take place on Thursday, October 22nd from 5:30 to 7:15.  The barbeque will be from 5:30 to 6:30 with two 15 minute  informal sessions to follow in each class.  If you do not receive a copy of this form you can download it from the widget on the side panel of this blog.  Please return the bottom portion of the memo in order to help us plan for the evening.  Looking forward to seeing all of you next Thursday.

Great learning continues to happen in all of our classrooms.  Just yesterday grade 7P were working in small groups to creat survival journals, just in case they ever get stranded in the woods,  in Language Arts as part of an activity associated with the reading of Gary Paulson’s classic survival novel called Hatchet.  In grade 8S students were developing their non-verbal communication skills in drama class by sharing with one another greetings from another planet.   It was very nice to see these students engaged in such great activities.

Continue to check up on our school blog as I hope to post at least every other day.  My long term goal is to be able to use this tool as a replacement for our monthly newsletter in order for us to be able to celebrate all the wonderful events on a daily basis rather than at the end of the month.  I am also planning a Parent Technology night early in October to introduce parents to this tool and to our school Twitter feed so that more families can keep up to date of the daily happenings. 

Additional pictures have also been added to the flikr feed in the sidebar of this blog.  Have a fabulous Tuesday evening!

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First Week In The Books!

We have made it through the first week and everything seems to have gone smoothly.  I sent home the first newsletter yesterday with the youngest or only children of each of our families.  I also sent home a copy of the Student Handbook today. If you did not receive a copy you can view both documents by clicking on them in the Shared Files Widget located in the sidebar to the right of this blog.  Also new to this blog is my Flickr feed of photos taken during the first week.  More photos will be uploaded this weekend. 

I hope all of you are able to attend our Meet The Teacher Barbeque on Thursday, September 22nd.   A form will be going home on Monday for you to place your order to help us plan for the event.  Remember to get those milk forms in to the office before September 14th to ensure delivery starting on our first day which will be Monday, September 19th.  

Hope everyone has a restful weekend, I know I will.  Come back next week to see what is happening at Harrow Senior.

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