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With the good weather on Thursday the grade 3’s took to the front flower beds to plant the many bulbs purchased for the school by the School Council from our Spring Fundraiser.  The Grade 3 students who are currently studying plants in science were learning hands on what it takes to care for plants.  They were busy pulling weeds, digging holes and planting the hostas, lilies and other summer flowers hoping for some spring weather to help  them along.  Here are some pictures of the students  hard at work to make the front of Harrow Senior a little more colourful.  Thank you grade 3’s for your wonderful work:) 


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As mentioned in this months newsletter, here is a copy of the school dress code as it reads in the Student Handbook given out to each family at the beginning of the school year.  Thanks in advance for your support as we continue to strive to make Harrow Senior a wonderful place to learn.


At Harrow Senior School and in the Greater Essex County District School Board students should appreciate that clothing worn to school should be conducive to an academic environment.  Clothing that detracts from the learning atmosphere the school is trying to promote, is considered inappropriate.  Your child’s clothing should reflect a respect for themselves and others. Clothing must also be appropriate for the child’s age, for weather conditions, and for Health and Safety reasons.  Students are expected to follow the expectations which have been discussed and agreed upon with our School Council.

 We expect students to be neat and clean in their dress.  Clothing that is considered suitable for wear “outside” should not be worn inside. (i.e. jackets, coats, hats, bandanas, boots).  In inclement weather, footwear that is worn outside is not to be worn inside the classroom or in the gym.  We ask that parents send one pair of running shoes to keep at school.  Children will then have access to indoor shoes on a daily basis. 

It is expected that your child’s appearance will reflect a positive image for our school.

 Please keep the following in mind for the pupils:

  • Clothing that advertises or celebrates the use of drugs, alcohol or violence is not appropriate for school wear.
  • Clothes with words or pictures of a sexual nature are not appropriate for school wear.
  • Shirt straps should be at least two adult fingers wide.
  • Shorts or skirts should be finger-tip length when the arms are extended down the sides of the body.
  • Clothing should fit properly (oversized clothing could be unsafe).
  • Revealing clothing is inappropriate.
  • Clothing that exposes midriff, either at rest or in motion is inappropriate.
  • Halter tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, and jerseys are inappropriate.
  • Any clothing that exposes any undergarment are inappropriate;
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the event of an emergency evacuation.  The school also discourages students from     wearing any type of footwear wherein the heel is not secured for safety reasons.  (i.e. Flip-flop type shoes)  This type of      footwear is not to be worn for any type of physical activity and cannot be worn to engage in activity on the playground equipment.  Students must wear proper running shoes on all play equipment structures for safety!
  • Hats, Hoods, Toques or Bandanas are to be removed when students enter the school. 
  • Make-up is discouraged for elementary school pupils.  Pupils should not bring make-up to school. 
  • Sunglasses are not to be worn while in the building
  • No pajama bottoms are to be worn.
  • No gum chewing unless advertised for a special school day.

 While the selection of clothing worn at school is the responsibility of parents and students, the principal reserves the right of final decision concerning dress and appearance.  Students wearing unsuitable clothing will be required to change into more appropriate attire.  Repeated transgressions, or refusal to comply, will result in escalated consequences.

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I am making a commitment to all of you for the remainder of the year.  I will be making at least one post daily starting today.  With so many events happening in and around the school this should be an easy goal to accomplish.  I am encouraging students and parents to check regularly and comment on the posts for chances to win some great prizes.

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