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EQAO Results

Board and individual school results were officially released yesterday and we have great news to celebrate at Harrow Senior.  Overall we have experienced improvements in five of six categories, all except grade 6 writing, which is a great  accomplishment.  Our grade 3 scores improved 16% to 64% in reading, 7% to 67% in writing and increased 11% to 66% in math from the previous year.  In grade 6 our scores improved 10% in reading to 72%, decreased 19% in writing to 45%, and increased 2% to 66% in math from the previous year.  All of this data provides very important information about students and programs.  We will use this at the school level to further develop programs and practices for all of our learners.  Besides this overall data we wil also further explore individual student data and information provided about each and every question asked on the assessments.  This will be discussed as a staff and during within our grade level Professional Learning Communities that meet regularly.  At the school level the data provided from the EQAO assessments is very valuable and provides direction for programs and practices in all of our classrooms.    Individual Student Reports will be coming home shortly, as well a School Community Report.  If you would like further information about this years scores please feel free to call the office and set up an appointment with me.  For official results for Harrow Senior please visit http://www.eqao.com/ and choose English, followed by School and Board Results at top, followed by Grade 3 and 6 test results for 2009-2010 and then choose Greater Essex County D.S.B. and Harrow Senior.


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ARC Committee Letter

Hello Harrow Senior Learning Community.  Today each family received a letter explaining the Accommodation Review Committee process to determine the future of the delivery of JK to Grade 12 education in Harrow.  The current 3 building situation will  be reviewed over the course of several committee and public meetings and a long-term cost efficient solution will be determined through this process.  If you wish to participate in this process there are application forms available in the office.  Thanks in advance to all those individuals who will put their name forward to serve on this community.

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Each year I create a school wide campaign to kick of f  the year.  This years theme is focusing on Motivation.  By answering two simple questions we are hoping to get all of our staff and students motivated to make Harrow Senior a wonderful place to work, play and learn for all.  We are using the idea from a book called Drive, written by Daniel Pink.  In the book Daniel asks people to answer two questions ‘What is your sentence? and Were you better today than yesterday?’  He believes that by answering both of these questions one can become motivated in everything that we do.  To help you better understand visit this link to watch the short 2 minute video that all of our students viewed at our morning assembly: 

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Welcome Back Hornets!!

We made it!  The first day of the 2010/2011 school year is complete without a hitch.  We welcomed our Grade 3 friends over from the Junior school and they are a fabulous addition to our wonderful Harrow Senior Learning Community.  I can’t wait to meet their parents at our Meet The Teacher Barbeque.  I will be attempting to post daily to keep the entire community informed as to the wonderful happenings in and around our school.  Please respond if you would like to comment on any of the postings.  Lets use this wonderful tool to keep everyone informed about the great things happening at Harrow Senior!

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