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We are back at it at Harrow Senior.  Learning has been going on in every classroom that I have visited this morning.  In 8C students were reviewing Movie Critiques on the laptops for an upcoming assignment and in 7M students were reading their Literature Circle books.  It was a great site to see everyone back in the routine.

A reminder that second term report cards go home tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23rd.  Parent/Teacher interviews for second term are scheduled for April 22nd and 23rd, however if you have any immediate concerns please call the school and arrange for an appointment with your child’s teacher prior to the April dates.

Badminton will begin in Physical Education for most students.  Again this year all students participating in Badminton must wear CSA approved goggles.  The school has enough for all students in each class, however some students do not want to share with others.  I will be sending home an order form for anyone interested in ordering their own set through the school.

I will again be attempting to post here daily so come by and see the exciting things happening at Harrow Senior.


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