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Home Court Victory!!

Congratulations to the Girls’ Basketball team as they captured their first win of the season last night against Lasalle Public school by a score of 16-7.  The girls have one more game tomorrow on the road at Malden before getting ready to participate in the WECAA tournament next week at Anderdon Public.  Good luck girls as the season comes to an end.


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Good luck to our classroom representatives as they move forward to present in front of the entire school on Thursday morning starting at 9:15.  Good luck to all participants as they prepare for this annual event that is sure to a wonderful experience for all participants.  In addition the Grade 3 Storytelling Competition will be held on Friday at 12:45.  It is here where the speakers of the future hone their skills for the many speeches to come in their educational careers.  Good luck to all participants in both competitions.

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Each year the Student Success Team from the high school engages our intermediate students in a variety of activities to help transition students to the high school.  The students have been invited as special guests on Thursday afternoon to Harrow Arena as the Hawks compete in a home playoff game.  The students will be walking over to the arena at 1:10 for the 1:30 game and returning to catch the buses at the end of the day.  Go Hawks!!

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On day 5 Canada won its’ fifth medal as the snowboarders were at it again, this time the woman.  Another gold medal was won by a local Vancouver athlete in the snowboard cross event at Cypress Mountain.

Question #4:  What was the athletes name?  What year did Snowboard Cross become an official Olympic sport?

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Olympic History

Check out this Blog Post and see all of the Winter Olympic Posters from 1924 to 2010.  It is neat to see how the posters have evolved over time and the message that each portrays.

Question #3:  What is your favourite?  Why?

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Gold In Vancouver!!

I just witnessed the first ever Canadian athlete to win GOLD at the Olympics on Canadian soil.  I hope each of you had the opportunity to view this historic competition. 

If you did not visit this site  http://www.ctvolympics.ca/video/index.html?assetid=52d2ac6b-bacc-4953-9082-911418932139 and watch the entire run.

Question #2:  Who was the first Canadian to win a GOLD medal on home turf?  What sport?  What is his inspiration to compete?

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The Olympic Spirit has reached my household and I hope many of you are enjoying the efforts of the Canadian athletes as they strive for gold in Vancouver. 

Each day I will post at least one entry about the Olympics, which I will encourage you to respond to.  If you do not know the answer or the information that I am looking for do some research and find out more about our competitors.

Each correct response will make you eligible for daily and weekly draws.  I hope by participating you will learn about our Canadian athletes and the Vancouver Olympics.

Question #1:  What was the name of the Canadian Athlete that won our first medal of these Vancouver Olympics?  What sport was it in?  What type of medal?

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