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Spitfire Ticket Winners!!

Congratulations goes out to Timos P. in Mrs. Carey’s grade 8 class and Justin P. in Mrs. Stomp’s grade 5 class, as their names were drawn as recognition for their fundraising efforts.  Timos will be attending the game this Friday with 3 friends courtesy of Gerald A. Smith Funeral Home and Justin will attend the game on January 31st courtesy of Refac Industrial Contractors.  Thank you to the entire community for their support during this very successful fundraiser and a special thanks to these two businesses for their additional support for our Harrow Senior Learning Community.


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5Sm Using Bitstrips!!

While visiting in this class today I watched students engaged on the computers working away on an advertisement using Bitstrips.  Student creativity was flowing and all students were putting the finishing touches on their creations.  I could tell from the level of engagement that students enjoy working with this program and are busy writing away in a new format.  Thank you 5Sm for the visit. 

Please share with me and others who read what your opinions are of this program. 

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8K Learn Bitstrips!!

I had the pleasure of visiting 8K this morning to introduce the class to a new Ministry licensed program called Bitstrips.  This program allows students to create comic strips or graphic novels using a variety of tools.  Each student logs in separately and has their own account and must create their Avatar who gets added to the class photo.  It is a very exciting program that is sure to engage students in the writing process and allow for creativity to run wild.  I am waiting in anticipation to see the first creations by this very talented groups of learners.  Great work 8K!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions here with me and other readers regarding this program.

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Mrs. B Get’s Last Laugh!

Pictured below is what I had to walk into this morning as Mrs. B’s Cincinnati Bengals were once again victorious on Sunday versus my defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers’.  Although it is not easy, I am sitting amongst the orange and black decorations for the day.  I am hoping we get one more opportunity in the playoffs to seek revenge.  Good job Mrs. B, I bet you are hoping a playoff match will not occur so that the good feeling will hold over until next year.  Great Fun!!

harrow111609 070harrow111609 071 


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A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Collier for all her efforts and work with all of our students to prepare them for this special ceremony.  Each grade did a fantastic job with their performance.  Thank you to all the parents who came out to share in this special performance.

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Fundraising Update

We have had great start to our fundraising efforts for the Harrow Senior Learning Community.  It is not too late to  turn in monies and forms as we will be at the school one more time on Wednesday to tabulate our totals.  The Parent Council truly appreciates the support and effort of all families who have assisted in this annual fall fundraiser.

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H1N1 Update

Please note that the Community H1N1 Flu Clinic schedule has been updated on our website.  Clinics have been added. 

New Schedule

Please be aware also that the criteria for receiving immunizations has been broadened to include the following:

 • Elementary age children (under 14 years old)

• People 65 years and older with chronic medical conditions

• Pregnant women

• Healthy children 6 months to under five years of age

• People living in remote or isolated communities

 • Health care workers

 • Household contacts and care providers of persons at high risk who cannot be immunized or may not respond to vaccines

 • People under 65 years with chronic medical conditions

Finally, you can also find on our website the criteria for administration of a second dose to children: Second Dose.

Thank you.

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